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Always an awesome event. Proud to build competitors for that platform.

I hear it too often, "Why do I need a coach or a personal Trainer? I can go to the gym on my own."
If you are disciplined enough to do that, then congratulations are in order. The fact is that most people are not. Big box gyms rely on the masses that pay but don't show. Statistically, only about 25% of memberships actually get used. The rest goes into their pockets and you are left with the same sense of underachievement that brought you there to start with.
Having a coach or PT is more than just accountability. It's about having a personal motivation ambassador in your corner. It's about having someone with the education and experience to help you reach your goals and further onto the stars you may have thought unobtainable. They help you help yourself.
As a coach/PT myself, I say STOP the madness and quit paying for nothing.
If you are looking for a Coach, Personal Trainer or a gym to call your own, give us us a call and work with someone that has YOU in mind.
At BPHAT Fitness, the only thing you have to lose, you didn't want anyway. (813) 967-2036.

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