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Meet Our Super Team

  • Matt Brewer

    Physical fitness

    BPHAT stands for Brewer’s Personal Health and Training. It reflects his dedication to you and also embraces the slang meaning of Phat: being attractive

  • Sarah Copeland-Fawcett

    Piyo, Personal Training

    Unleash your power with pilates + yoga + non-stop movement! You'll sweat, stretch, and strengthen- all in one workout. No weights, no bulk- just hardcore results! Sarah will help you sculpt your body while improving your overall health and happiness.

  • Alena Zbrozhek

    Meditation and Wellness

    Alena Zbrozhek is a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist (CCHt) with over 500 hours of training from the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy (FIH), Florida's only state licensed school of Hypnotherapy.

  • Sensei Paul Wayne Bowman

    Self Defense

    Sensei Paul Wayne Bowman PROMAC (Professional Martial Arts College) Graduate FAST Defense Instructor (Fear, Adrenaline, Stress Training) “Turn Fear into Power” Trainer for NH local and State Police 4th Degree Black Belt under the legendary Tom Sotis

  • Joe Bilotta

    ACE Personal Trainer

    A Fitness Coach/Trainer for the Valrico community since 2009 with a personal weight loss of over 80lbs. I’ve helped friends and family over the years, from the athlete to the weekend warrior and specialize in strength with functionality to properly achieve my client’s goals. I use the “whole” approach to weight loss to promote a healthy lifestyle.

To ALL my BPHAT Team,
I want to say first that I love what we do here at BPHAT Fitness and how we do it. I have been blessed to have such a great group of people that want work hard on their goals, encourage each other in their pursuits and to enjoy the time we spend together. Its been an absolute joy to have created an environment that feels personal to each member and transparent to all. A place to work hard in while having fun and to be educated as we exercise. Above all else, to do it as safely as we can. Accidents can happen, no matter how hard we try to be safe. From my historical perspective, I believe most accidents can be, or could have been, prevented.
We had an incident this week that needs to be addressed. Not by pointing fingers, singling out any one person or by placing blame. I don't like addressing things in a negative light but to learn from our mistakes, take action to correct and keep them from occurring again. This particular incident involved the use, or better said, misuse of supplements.
And so begins my rant....
I get that we are all basically the same. Upright walking, hairless apes that on the surface seem to function equally. The truth is that while we are all very much alike, chemically we are all unique. That being said, we all use different things to get us through our days. For some it's caffeine, others it's vitamins and so on and so on. The list is too long and too convoluted to write. The supplement industry has made it too easy to walk in and legally buy things that, they say, will make your workouts more explosive and give you the edge to perform better. My rant doesn't go to the use of supplements but to the misuse of the them. The problem, as I see it, lies in 3 main areas.

1. Believing in the advertising and not learning about the product.
2. In taking more than recommended. Because if 2 pills makes you perform better then 4 will make you a beast.
3. Taking the recommendation from a friend because it works so well for them. Once again, not knowing the product.

While there have been incidents in which it was a bad product, it's more times the misuse of the product that causes harm and gives that industry a bad rap.
The result of taking too much of a pre-workout supplement led to a terrible workout performance followed a very long, sleepless night with skin itching and hearts racing for 2 of our members this week. Luckily that was all. It easily could've easily been worse.
Now, let's be clear. I am not endorsing or slamming the product. I'm not even going to name it. To the best of my understanding, it was doing exactly what it was designed to do. The problem occured from ingesting a substance they knew nothing about, at maximum amounts without understanding what it was or what the affects would be. No education on the product and no trial run at minimal amounts first. Just balls to the walls. A simple mistake that could've ended badly.
So here is my feeling on this. I don't have a problem with the use of supplements. They do have their place. This includes energy drinks, vitamins, protein mixes, pre-workout formulas, ect... I understand the use, and sometimes need, for some sort of supplement. Let me say it again.... I don't have a problem with supplements. I do have a problem with people taking, recommending or sharing products that they don't understand themselves. Gym rat knowledge on legal or non legal pharmaceuticals can harm you and in some cases kill you. If someone recommends something to you, be smart. Investigate. Do the research. While I do not begin to claim to know everything about every supplement out there, I promise you that if you ask me about something you want to try, I will find out everything I can about it. If you don't want to ask me, Google that shit (GTS). The information is out there. Research, read labels and educate yourself before you put something in your body that you don't understand. I know we are all friends here and friends share. Be careful when you do this. Think before you share something. The friend you're sharing it with might have a bad reaction. Believe me, you don't want to live with that guilt if you hurt them.
I said it before, I don't like to rant and I don't like to be negative. I thank God (whether you believe in him or not) that everything turned out ok. I want this to be observed as a positive learning experience because I truly care about each and everyone one of you.
Some of you may wonder why I put this on our Facebook page instead of a private letter, e-mail or text. The answer is simple. I want anyone that is interested in being part of this team to know that at BPHAT Fitness, we care. We recognize that we are human and we all make mistakes. As a family and as a team, we don't need to hide from our mistakes, we need to learn from them. Together.
If you have any questions, if I haven't been clear enough, if you have a concern, feel free to call me to discuss. Everyone of you has my number.


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